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Stoploss Restrainer Hook with Bait Keeper
- patented -

The restrainer hook works excellent on plastics. Frogs, chunks, all worms.
Bait keeper barbs will hold your plastics on the hook and in place.

The Stoploss Restrainer Hook with Bait Keeper barbs features an ultra point mustad black nickle hook at a 30 angle. The restrainer is designed to hold fish on the hook, and is made of stainless steel wire to resist corrosion. By adjusting the loop tension, fishing in entanglements and obstructions is possible. The restrainer acts as a weed guard providing less hang-ups. Simply slide your plastic bait on the hook as normal, and push it over the bait holder barbs for a firm hold that will keep your bait from sliding down. An excellent hook to be used in barbless waters.